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Our Integrative Mission

We are a collaborative team of practitioners that offer unique and individualized paths to help people and businesses feel balanced, shift unhelpful patterns, heal from past traumas, address phase of life concerns, and be more present with ourselves and with our chosen tribe.  We focus on mind, body and soul realignment through use of Eastern and Western based healing techniques. 

Enlightened Vibrations practitioners offer affordable and integrative trainings, individual services, group classes, couples therapy  and services to the San Diego community to meet the needs and styles of all people.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming and creative environment to foster healing and growth through conscious connection with ourselves, other beings, and this planet.


​We look forward and are honored to work with you on your journey of full living, thriving business, elevated vibration, and enlightenment. 

Person Centered Care 

Allow the diverse experience of Enlightened Vibrations practitioners to assist you in cultivating a life you desire and support your healing of mind, body and soul.



Shifting out of "survival based thinking" takes courage and often help. Enlightened Vibrations seeks to help people live fully now and for years to come. 

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Anxiety can present as concern, fear, and excessive worry for what we cannot control; taking on many forms from panic attacks to perfectionism and avoidance. Enlightened Vibrations is here to support you in restoring peace and confidence for daily living.



Finding ourselves overworked and drained can feel all too common in our culture of constant multitasking. Unresolved signs of stress can cause acute and chronic havoc in our lives.  Contact an Enlightened Vibrations practitioner today to assist in obtaining balance in your everyday life.



Depression can range from low spirits to deep feelings of heaviness and sorrow.  Moving the dark cloud that clings to your thoughts and body can drastically improve the quality of your life and provide the motivation to move forward. Enlightened Vibrations can assist you in rediscovering feelings of fulfillment for everyday life.

Back Pain



Struggling with low energy to chronic pain are often signs of congested energy that has been unknowingly stored in the body.  Use of traditional and ancient healing practices as a compliment to Western therapy can alleviate the intensity of these symptoms. Ask how Enlightened Vibrations practitioners can help you today.

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Whether you sustained a single incident or have incurred multiple life jeopardizing events, trauma symptoms can often be stored as invasive memories in your mind and discomfort in your body. Healing trauma involves alignment of your mind, body, and soul. Enlightened Vibrations practitioners specialize in trauma and post traumatic stress disorder recovery. Connect with us to continue your healing path.

Services With Enlightened Vibrations

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Individual and couples therapy services are available to meet your individual needs and provide a healing space for you and your loved ones.

The therapists at Enlightened Vibrations are trained in various therapeutic modalities that create a unique opportunity to create a transformative treatment opportunity. Therapeutic modalities are evidenced based techniques to help treat various mental health conditions.  The main therapeutic modalities listed show the breadth of knowledge, education, and experience that our clinicians can bring to sessions.  

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COVID Disclaimer:

To assist with COVID-19 precautions, services through Enlightened Vibrations are offered as face-to-face with distancing or offered via telehealth.  Anyone attending onsite services needs to wear a face mask while inside the building at all times and wash your hands prior and post services. 


If you suspect that you have any systems of respiratory illness, cold, or flu please reschedule your in-person services and contact your primary care providers for immediate follow-up. 

If this is a psychiatric or medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or the San Diego Access & Crisis Line at 888-724-7240.

Enlightened Vibrations practitioners are not emergency service providers and rely on our participants to be proactive in their safety and care.