Healing Trauma...Mind, Body & Soul: Lisa McJunkin is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is this podcast she explains the various ways that traumatic stress impacts individuals, in a way that’s concise and understandable. She also describes her holistic approach to healing trauma, integrating both eastern and western healing practices, that attend to the mind, body and spirit.

Mental Health, “The Collective Good”, and Systemic Change: Haile Wright and Micheala Whaley are clinical social workers providing intensive outpatient treatment in San Diego. They joined THOTM for a discussion about mental health stigma and misconceptions, helping the underserved within a broken system, and the need for an integrative approach to mental health treatment. Haile and Micheala also share their experiences as Black women in the mental health profession.

The Heart of the Matter: is a local San Diego podcast dedicated to exploring mental health and social issues, while providing self-care strategies and how they intersect. 

Mentally Yours: talks about different ways everyday life affects our mental well-being and the challenges of making time for our mental health.They cover a variety of topics including: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, grief and loss


Happier: encourages listeners to explore what happiness is for them and how to foster that in their own life. Looks at how struggles with mental health can affect how we interact with the world around us.


Mad World: discusses the challenges that can come with mental health, aiming to bring normalcy for those who have struggled with feeling inadequate or out of place in regards to their mental well-being.


The Hilarious World of Depression: funded by the organization which aims to bring more awareness to mental health and reduce the stigma, this podcast encourages open conversations with listeners and guests infusing humor to discuss depression.


Forever35: discusses how having a busy work week impacts mental health and the realities around finding time for self-care among personal and professional growth. Though it's geared towards the millennial it invites anyone who struggles finding balance to tune in. 

Therapy for Black Girls: Is a weekly podcast about mental health and the challenges of achieving personal growth in today's world. Hosted by a licensed psychologist, it provides tips and resources for improving your mental health while also exploring the latest news in the mental health world.