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Kayla Whaley, LCSW


Psychotherapist, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Breathwork Facilitator

Kayla received her Masters from San Diego State University in Clinical Social Work. She has a background in trauma awareness psychotherapy; supporting individuals in navigating effects of daily stress and anxiety to more complex issues of depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Prior to this she worked in the non-profit sector for 7 years providing trauma-informed care to the community working with veterans, those experiencing homelessness, substance abuse and domestic violence.


In addition, Kayla has been engaged in meditative practices for the past three years incorporating movement and breath-centered techniques. This led to her receiving her certification in Reiki and is currently completing her certification as a breathwork healer and a Taoist Qi-Gong facilitator.


Her approach to each session is to provide a safe space for clients to be at ease in the present and gain clarity while exploring, challenging and healing core wounds, values and behaviors. She uses integrative techniques that incorporate mind and body, to support individuals in developing self-awareness and self-compassion.


She believes that to better support their own growth and happiness, people should become more consciously aware of the connection between their mind and body and how negative experiences can impact their overall well-being. By bringing attention to your present state of being you can begin to allow yourself a space for healing your thoughts, your body and your relationship with the world. 


Kayla offers individual and group therapy, guided breathwork sessions and reiki, to provide therapeutic experiences that are unique to each client.




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